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About Me

I am not the usual African. No, I am not. I am the unusual African, the thinker who beieves everything conceived can be achieved. I am the dreamer who wakes up and takes steps to make his dream reality. I am that unusual African who believes that impossible is nothing.

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My Poetry

Poems are not vain writings. They are emotions poured into the ink and penned. They are citations of nature described in words...mine are the muss of life, the avalanche of tears when they drain the eyes of the innocent.

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The Social Media has become a part of us, moreso in shaping our daily decisions and opinions. #WakaAndSee was started to use the social media for social good by monitoring the government projects to ensure they are done to completion and timely. #WakaAndSee received over 500 volunteers in its first launch and counting since then..

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